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Owners of small and medium-sized businesses rely upon my law firm, The Hartmann Law Firm LLC, for experienced and effective legal representation in various aspects of business litigation and transactions. To learn more about my Central New Jersey practice or to arrange an appointment regarding any of the following, e-mail me or call my law firm locally at 908-731-6976 or toll free at 877-223-9930.

  • Contract disputes: I am a Somerset County attorney who can help you resolve a contract dispute, assist with contract review and inform you about why contracts are the life blood of your business.
  • Commercial litigation: Read my thoughts on commercial litigation, which include the topics of: parties to a dispute have a duty to preserve evidence once litigation is reasonably anticipated, recovering legal fees, ways to avoid lawsuits, litigation and prevention, New Jersey courts and laws, and fraud and misrepresentation.
  • Business transactions: I provide helpful guidance in drafting, negotiating and revising business transaction documents.
  • Corporate compliance, governance and management: I provide guidance and information on topics such as how entrepreneurs can avoid unnecessary legal risks, why you may need outside general counsel, how businesses can protect against fraud and dishonesty, and compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
  • Consumer fraud: As a business lawyer, I assist with several New Jersey consumer protection laws, including the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act and the Used Car Lemon Law.
  • Collections: Included in my collections thoughts are judicial foreclosure in New Jersey and assets that are subject to seizure in a civil judgment.
  • Employment matters: I assist employers with employer-employee disputes related to discrimination, employee misclassification, trade secrets and unemployment claims.
  • Landlord tenant: Reach out to me for guidance in resolving landlord-tenant disputes, most often involving eviction proceedings.

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