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Landlord Tenant

Landlord-tenant disputes most frequently involve eviction proceedings. The reasons leading up to an eviction proceeding will vary depending upon the situation. I represent landlords and commercial tenants in landlord-tenant disputes, recognizing that each case and each client is different.

I am Tom Hartmann, and I am a Somerset County landlord tenant dispute attorney. Throughout my career, I have helped many commercial landlords and tenants obtain favorable results to their legal matters. I am committed to helping you resolve your dispute. To learn more about my Central New Jersey practice, e-mail me or call my law firm locally at 908-731-6976 or toll free at 877-223-9930.

Are You Involved in a Landlord-Tenant Dispute?

As your lawyer, I will defend your position in the conflict and drive toward a positive result. As a landlord-tenant lawyer, I focus on:

  • Resolving landlord tenant disputes: Disputes often involve evictions. Reasons for eviction can include failure to pay rent, disorderly conduct, willful or negligent damage to the premises, violation of rules or regulations, breach of a lease covenant, refusal to pay a lawful rent increase, habitual late payment of rent and in some instances, conviction of a crime.

There are always two sides to a story. I will listen to your account of the matter and develop a strategy to reach your goals.

Contact a New Jersey Attorney Regarding Evictions Proceedings

For more information about landlord-tenant law and to speak with me about your legal problems, e-mail The Hartmann Law Firm LLC and schedule an appointment. You can also call my office in Watchung at 908-731-6976 or toll free at 877-223-9930.

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