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Employment Matters

Many employer-employee disputes can be prevented through proper application of state and federal employment laws. At my law office, The Hartmann Law Firm LLC, I represent employers in various types of preventive and litigious employment matters. To learn more about my Central New Jersey practice or to arrange an appointment regarding any of the following, e-mail me or call my law firm locally at 908-731-6976 or toll free at 877-223-9930.

  • IRS offers help for companies with employee misclassification issues: There are drawbacks to misclassification of an employee as an independent contractor. In response to this problem, the IRS established a Voluntary Classification Settlement Program (VCSP) to benefit employers that face potential problems from classifying employees incorrectly. I am a Somerset County employment law attorney who can assist with this matter.
  • Use care in classifying employees as independent contractors: Misclassification of an employee as a contractor can have many negative consequences and could result in back pay, penalties and lost productivity. I can help you assess the factors involved in determining which classification is best suited for the employee or contractor.
  • Avoiding discrimination lawsuits: Effective policies, training and enforcement in the workplace can ensure that your company does not engage in discrimination. My law firm can guide you through the various processes involved in building a nondiscriminatory work environment.
  • Unemployment compensation: When an employee is terminated, he or she is not automatically eligible for unemployment benefits. If your former employee was dismissed due to misconduct, unemployment benefits can be delayed or denied.
  • Non-compete agreements and non-disclosure agreements: I assist companies in establishing non-compete agreements and non-disclosure agreements in accordance with the New Jersey Trade Secrets Act.
  • Failure to pay overtime and wrongful termination: I can help you take preventive measures that help you avoid these matters, thus mitigating disputes with employees and former employees.

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For more information about how I can assist you in preventing many legal problems that can arise related to employment laws, e-mail The Hartmann Law Firm LLC and schedule an appointment. You can also call my office in Watchung at 908-731-6976 or toll free at 877-223-9930.

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