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Business Contract Drafting Attorney

Your business is built on many bricks, but the cornerstone of all U.S. and global business, is the stability and validity of your contracts. While people, leadership, outstanding products and unbeatable customer service are critical, you must know that in a crisis and on a daily basis, your contracts will be enforceable. This will give you the certainty you need to advance the business whether you are in a dispute or want to get a loan to grow the business. An experienced business contract drafting attorney can make sure the right measures are in place to protect your financial interests.

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  • Contracts are the Lifeblood of Your Business
  • Due Diligence - Look Before You Leap in Business

Contracts Should be the Cornerstone of Your Business

I am Tom Hartmann, a contract drafting attorney with over 25 years of experience handling business disputes throughout Somerset County, New Jersey. Based on my comprehensive experience, I can anticipate the type of issues that, if left unaddressed, can lead to costly disputes. Contact my firm today to learn how I can help you define the scope of a business relationship in an effort to protect your financial interests.

Skilled Union County Contract Lawyer Working for You

I have extensive experience drafting and reviewing all types of business contracts for clients in Union and Somerset Counties. I am committed to helping you work upfront to protect your business interests with clearly written contracts. Any misleading or vague terms need to be defined so neither party is left guessing what its roles or responsibilities include. If left unaddressed, even a minor oversight can lead to a costly contract dispute. I can help you avoid this through drafting the following types of business contracts:

  • Real estate leases – I can help you make it clear if the lease is renewable or how is can be terminated.
  • Equipment leases – As your contract drafting lawyer, I will make sure the contract defines the duration of the lease, how it can be renewed and how equipment can be repaired or upgraded.
  • Customer contracts – I will work with you to make sure your business arrangements are intelligible, consistent, accurate, and in regulatory and legal compliance.
  • The asset or stock purchase agreement – I will work with you to make sure the agreement is clear and enforceable without ambiguities.
  • Information technology contracts – You will want to make sure a contact that links your systems together are in place with a reputable company and define how a crisis situation would be resolved.
  • Employment contracts – An employment contract should encourage greater performance while insuring adequate service to the company.
  • Loan agreements – I will make sure the default terms are clear, the cross-default provisions are defined, and that monthly or quarterly performance covenants are in place.
  • Key consulting agreements – You will want to make sure an agreement is in place so your company can survive if the consultant leaves. We can also define what rights you have if the consultant terminates and how the relationship can be terminated.
  • Contract Disputes

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If contracts are that important to your business, the Hartmann Law Firm LLC can assist you in negotiating them to help you understand the provisions of agreements, to discover issues before you sign and to find the best positions for you. Contact me online or call 203-451-6919.

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