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Somerset County Contract Dispute Lawyer

Disagreements and contract disputes can arise for a variety of reasons. When you face a difficult business dispute, it is important to protect your rights by speaking with an experienced Somerset County contract dispute attorney. Your lawyer needs to have the breadth of experience necessary to handle your case and to provide skilled representation inside the courtroom.

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A Sense of Determination in New Jersey Contract Disputes

I am Tom Hartmann, an experienced Somerset County contract dispute lawyer committed to serving clients in New Jersey and beyond. I am available to work with businesses of all sizes to favorably, quickly and efficiently resolve business disputes or crises. Sometimes this is achieved by a frank discussion with the adversary; sometimes by mediation or arbitration; sometimes by full-blown litigation. I am able to work with you to position your case so you can achieve the best result at any stage. That does not happen by accident, but only with a focused, aggressive and single-minded approach to your legal issues and the execution of a concrete plan of action.

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Offering Breach of Contract Services in Somerset, Union, Morris and Middlesex Counties

Throughout Central New Jersey, I represent businesses involved in various types of contract disputes, including those involving:

  • Employment contracts
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Vendor and supplier contracts
  • Equipment contracts
  • Commercial lease agreements
  • Purchase and sale agreements

I am available to work with small, medium and growing businesses — any business that needs support related to a contract dispute. I have only one goal — to resolve the dispute in your favor so you can concentrate on business management and growth.

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If you have questions about my practice or would like to meet for an initial consultation to discuss your case, contact The Hartmann Law Firm LLC and schedule an appointment. Call my Watchung office at 908-731-6976 or toll free at 877-223-9930 to discuss your legal issues.

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