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At my law office, The Hartmann Law Firm LLC, I provide experienced and knowledgeable legal guidance in collections matters. Whether you are seeking to foreclose on a borrower, are a business trying to avoid foreclosure or have concerns regarding what you can or cannot seize or what can and cannot be seized from you, please reach out to me for guidance. To learn more about my Central New Jersey practice or to arrange an appointment regarding any of the following, e-mail me or call my law firm locally at 908-731-6976 or toll free at 877-223-9930.

  • Judicial foreclosure in New Jersey: As a Somerset County collections attorney, I represent businesses involved in foreclosure proceedings in the superior court system. In commercial transactions, the security agreement is filed with the county clerk to establish the underlying debt, the terms of repayment and the priority of the security interest. The foreclosure process can, in some instances, take up to 900 days. The process can seem long and discouraging — I can protect your rights throughout the process whether you are a lender seeking to foreclose on a property or a company striving to avoid foreclosure.
  • Assets which are subject to seizure in a civil judgment: Assets that can be seized are subject to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and can include the individually owned debts of the judgment debtor. If those assets do not satisfy the debt, the creditor can attempt to seize jointly owned assets. In New Jersey, public pensions, public benefits and assistance (such as workers' compensation and unemployment insurance), insurance and annuities are exempt from garnishment.

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For more information about commercial collections and your legal rights, e-mail The Hartmann Law Firm LLC and schedule an appointment. You can also call my office in Watchung at 908-731-6976 or toll free at 877-223-9930.

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