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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Gordon England, 29th Deputy Secretary of Defense; President, E 6 Partners LLC

I have complete confidence in Tom Hartmann's skill as a lawyer and leader. He is strong, focused, and smart. He helped me solve some of the toughest issues we faced while I was the Deputy Secretary of Defense. I have never met a stronger, more selfless advocate. He is outstanding in every way. I recommend him without reservation.

Charles Hendershot, Owner and Broker, Exit Realty, Basking Ridge, NJ

Tom Hartmann has over 26 years of practice in state, federal, and military criminal, civil, and corporate law as a litigator, Acquisitions Counsel, as well as General Counsel and Mergers. He is astute, sharp, knowledgeable and defines professionalism. Tom has a diverse and wide intellect which compliments his dedication and service. I am impressed by Tom's productiveness and the high level to which he holds himself accountable. Tom maintains a focus and driven business acumen while his loyalty to his client and country is evident."

Charles Cavin, President/Founder, MobiKPI

Tom is a superlative attorney, extraordinarily dedicated to his clients and driven to achieve results. He is also one of those rare attorneys that takes the time to understand the business strategy and its objectives, and with that understanding, recommends and pursues the course that is best for the business, not what merely mitigates legal risk. Working tirelessly through the minutia of contracts, intense negotiations during acquisitions, and the inevitable corporate crises, Tom is a leader and an advocate far beyond the norm. To give yourself the best legal advantage, put Tom in your corner.

Richard Schoenstein, Partner, Pryor Cashman LLP

Tom and I succeeded in obtaining two temporary restraining orders from a Federal court that were vital to his company's continuing marketing efforts in Northern New York, and then settling the dispute on favorable terms. Tom was engaged at every step in the process and rolled up his own sleeves as needed. He was focused on the important issues, clear in his direction, constructive in his comments and appreciative of the results. He is a sharp lawyer, a forceful advocate and a skilled negotiator.

Dominick Cipollone, Director of Treasury, MXEnergy

Tom is one of the brightest and hardest working colleagues I have ever been associated with. At MX, he literally worked around the clock when involved in an acquisition. Without Tom's herculean efforts deals simply would not have gotten done. The entire Finance staff respected Tom and was in awe of his character, business focus, sense of urgency and his outstanding legal skills. He was always on top of things, very proactive and was able to deal with and understand issues from many disciplines. Tom made you feel like you were the most important person he was supporting. Without a doubt, Tom is one of the best and brightest legal minds in the country.

Ron Garland

I have known Tom Hartmann for over 19 years. There should be a picture of him in the dictionary next to the word "professional." He is very smart, dedicated and hard working. On my case, he literally worked night and day for seven days a week for several weeks at a time to get my massive volumes of documentation into a rational order and presented my case with such overwhelming logic that my employer had little choice but to settle my case quickly saving me what could have been a decade of litigation. Tom is also honest and frank. And while doing all that, he was also very considerate of my stressed out and anxious state of mind and kept reminding me to take care of myself and that all would be well in the end. Which it was.

Pradeep Tiwari, Director of IT at MXenergy

Tom is a committed Senior Executive, who always places the needs of Customers and Business ahead of his own and those of the Department that he is responsible for. He is intensely dedicated to his clients; very hands on with a focus on the business needs; always available; very practical; extremely responsive; lots of collaboration with the clients he supports. I recommend Tom highly.

Soul Cherradi, Director of Human Resources

It was an honor for me to work for Thomas Hartmann while he was General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer at Orius Corp. I can personally testify that Tom pursues his client's goals with unrelenting energy. He is persuasive; thorough; with clarity of thought and deliberate in action; is always driven to achieve at superior standard; and approaches each case, big or small, with the same intensity and intelligence. He is not intimidated by even the most formidable adversary; works harder than any other lawyer I have ever encountered, without wasting the client's time or money; his integrity is without question.

Greg Taffet, Chief Information Officer

Tom is very resourceful in determining a strategy that will produce the optimum results. He is then excellent pursuing all options to win. Tom also has a keen insight into dealing with people that is a great asset during negotiations. Tom worked on many projects for me. All of them were successfully completed. The last was to negotiate a terms change with a vendor. Tom was able to keep the conflict from going to trial and save us over $800,000.

John M. Economidy, San Antonio, Texas

I have known Tom Hartmann since he interned as a law student at George Washington University School of Law in my Staff Judge Advocate office at Bolling Air Force Base, Washington, D.C. in 1982. Prior to that point, he had distinguished himself at the Air Force Academy, obtained a master's degree in modern European History at Stanford University, and had been a shift commander as an Air Force Security Policeman. Even then, he demonstrated the arete of duty, honor, and country, as he still does. Tom distinguished himself as a defense attorney before the Air Force realized his talents and made him chief Air Force prosecutor in the Pacific region. Tom expanded his reputation in the Air Force Reserve and obtained a well-earned promotion to Brigadier General. Concurrently, in the civilian sector, Tom massively broadened his legal skills as a corporate counsel, moving here in San Antonio to help Southwestern Bell Telephone transform itself into the new AT&T. He has the moxie of a superb trial lawyer while maintaining currency in the law in the corporate and criminal defense sectors.

I trust his integrity and intelligence and would highly recommend him to clients who are facing the worst moment of their lives.

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